Nexabyte is in the business of helping IT organizations operate more productively and profitably through a full spectrum of specialized staffing and project implementation products and services. We specialize in the areas of Systems Integration/EAI, ERP Functionality Extension, Business/Data Warehousing, Sales Force Automation/CRM and Custom Application Development for vertical markets including telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, insurance, and energy. We deliver qualified resources across all science and technology disciplines. Our core strength lies in our knowledge foundation, extensive experience and aggressive approach in providing customized solutions at cost effective prices. Our clients range from individuals and small businesses to large corporations in the Retail, Finance, Technology. Manufacturing and Real Estate industries.


Expertise is one reason for Nexabyte’s success. Innovative strength is another.

Nexabyte’s integrated management systems and competent support staff ensure productivity, accountability, and administrative excellence. We deliver the critical skills and knowledge base our clients need to succeed in today's technology-dependent marketplace. We've worked with clients in industries ranging from financial services to telecommunications and manufacturing to software development, from entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Nexabyte understands that quality of skills and speed of delivery are vital to your success, and we have designed all of our systems and processes to meet these goals. We combine proprietary recruitment technologies, an innovative internal structure and thoroughly trained staff to deliver the most qualified technology specialists. We have grown, in a relatively short period of time, to become an information technology firm with a reputation of providing targeted solutions by leveraging new technologies in a proven cost-effective manner.

Nexabyte provides superior services and solutions in information technology and management - solutions that are conceived, developed, and implemented to provide our clients with the competitive edge to operate successfully in the digital economy. We do this by adopting a systems approach to problems, and encourage innovation and creative thinking. Our approach focuses on new ways of conducting business by combining IT innovation and adoption, while leveraging an organization's current IT assets. To stay ahead of the game, Nexabyte uses the latest technologies and techniques as well as brings together both line-of-business and multi-platform expertise.  An in-depth knowledge of various technology areas enables us to provide end-to-end solutions and services. 

Our drive is to deliver value added service to our clients conforming to the best disciplines of software engineering and providing the highest Return on Investment possible in the industry.  In order to achieve these goals we are working hard to keep ourselves at par if not ahead in the evolution of information technology

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP systems are the backbone of an organization integrating business and management processes. ERP not only provides a platform for carrying out regular core business transactions but also forms the backbone of strategic e-initiatives to stay competitive. Improving customer service, minimizing inventories, streamlining processes and reducing costs are the goals of every organization today and these can be achieved by a well-implemented ERP system.

Nexabyte has the expertise and experience in implementing a variety of ERP packages and systems. Nexabyte has implemented ERP systems across various vertical sectors and has developed core competencies in most of the leading ERP applications including SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft and J D Edwards. Nexabyte's key differentiating factors for a successful implementation of these complex solutions are an in-depth knowledge of best practices in the vertical segments we focus on, business & process domain competencies, experience with multiple technologies, a comprehensive program management methodology and expertise with the major ERP solutions available in the market today.

Our ERP practice offers end-to-end services including product implementation, customization, building interfaces with other enterprise systems, gap analysis, business process optimization and post-implementation support.

 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

There is a wealth of information that is scattered across multiple databases and systems in your organizations. Nexabyte can help you bring them under one roof and enable you to gain significant new insights about your operations, your customers, and your products. We have extensive experience in providing data warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions to our clients. 

We assist clients with the development of DW and BI strategy taking into account the strategic and tactical objectives of the business. We design logical and physical data models to create scalable information architectures. We provide development and implementation support for the solution.

Nexabyte has extensive skills in industry standard DW and BI Tools like Informatica, Cognos, Microstrategy, Business Objects, DataStage, Abinitio, SAS, Teradata among others.

E-business Solutions

E-business has become a key tool for business innovation. Using internet technologies, enterprises are creating new channels for interacting with customers, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders. The e-business technologies and standards are evolving and changing ever so fast.

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprises have invested heavily in developing a large portfolio of applications using diverse platforms and disparate technologies. These applications encapsulate several years of information and business knowledge. On the other hand due to the new business models, regulatory requirements and competitive pressures organizations are feeling the need to integrate their business processes end-to-end. Our services will help you achieve both intra-enterprise and inter-enterprise integration.

Custom application - Architecture, Design and Development

Design, development and maintenance of custom applications has become quite a challenge to organizations today. Diverse technologies and changing business requirements make the task even more complicated.  We have extensive experience in building application software across diverse technology platforms and industries. We can help you deliver applications faster and in cost effective manner to your users. Our application program management methodology will help you in optimizing your development needs on time, cost, resource and location dimensions.