Many companies choose a consulting firm that understands business strategies and is good at generating ideas, but lacks the technical expertise to turn those ideas into reality. Others enlist a technology company that is adept at designing and deploying information systems, but fails to comprehend the precise needs of the business. These firms leave you with snazzy new technologies that don't solve the problems at hand, or - worse still - create new problems altogether.

We take the time to understand your requirements, and then tailor complete solutions that deliver tangible value to the enterprise. We listen to your ideas, delve into your concerns, and consider every aspect of the problem - from the underlying business processes to the importance of change management to the merits of various technologies. Then we craft unique information systems that move your business forward and yield a measurable return on investment. 

It's rare that you find a business consultant who truly understands technology, or a technology guru who really knows your business. But that's exactly what you'll get from Nexabyte. Our consultants have years of experience working with senior executives to drive innovation, improve profitability, reduce costs, and get closer to clients. We have focused on leveraging new technologies in a proven, cost-effective fashion, giving us the insight to construct targeted solutions for each client situation. Our consultants have established a track record of knowing when a technology is mature enough to be put into production, and how to architect information systems that take advantage of upcoming advancements that you can only imagine today.

Our customers are typically leading-edge companies with high quality requirements and needing a reliable long-term partner with profound competence in technologies and software development methods. We constantly work to foster and maintain an environment of trust where people demonstrate their best qualities and are enriched by the career experience.

Partial List of our Clients :